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About the Course

This course will teach you DSA completely, it will teach you C++ from scratch and you will learn how to approach and solve DSA problems and you will learn how to use the powerful STL Library.

50+ Sessions 

12 Weeks

50+ Hours of learning

Problem Solving from day 1

Why Learn DSA in 2023?

Easy to Get a Job

Fat Paycheck

Fast Career Growth

Problem Solving Skills

Meet your Mentor

Ashish Kumar

Hey There,

Hi, I am Ashish Kumar, a self-taught programmer, and a DSA trainer. Aside from working as a software developer I have been teaching programming and DSA to students for over 2 years and helping them get the job they want. I have taken my experience of multiple years of programming, problem-solving, and teaching and used it in these courses.

Are you ready to create a long-lasting impact on your career & level up your tech skills?

See you inside the course!

Here's what you will learn: Course Syllabus

Who is this Course for?



Team Leads and Managers

Anyone who is enthusiastic to learn Programming

Prerequisites for this course

Laptop with internet

Hunger for learning

Top Skills you will Learn in this Course?

Powerful C++ STL

Problem Solving

Complete DSA

Interview Skills

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